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with Photographer Sarah Lyons-Glabman of PictureGroove Photography

Become an Epic Destination Shoot AMBASSADOR with

a celebrity photographer PictureGroove Photography!

In 2016, Sarah Lyons Glabman of PictureGroove Photography created Epic Destination Photo Shoots. These are exclusive, luxury photo shoots photographed by Sarah held in different spots in the U.S. throughout the year.


The Epic Destination Shoots offer an unparalleled experience for the models that schedule photo shoots. All of the shoots include hair and makeup from the top makeup artists in the industry. Most of the images from these shoots are used for social media, branding, or just for fun! Some of the shoots are very specific to magazine covers and features, such as BodyScape Magazine and Epic Fit Magazine.


BodyScape is a stunning print publication that Sarah photographs and publishes, and recently, she launched Epic Fit Magazine, which is an exclusive special edition magazine, powered by Bodyscape!


Now that you know all about the Epic Destination Shoots, we are looking for a few great Epic Destination Shoot Brand Ambassadors to help spread the word about what we do! Word of mouth is everything and we would love to reward you for sharing our project with prospective clients that may be interested in booking one of our Epic Destination Shoots in the future. 


The Answers You Need

First, you’ll have a meeting with Sarah on the phone or via a zoom chat to discuss all of the details, expectations and rewards. Second, you start sharing about Epic Destination Shoot to people that you feel would be interested in what we have to offer. Social media shout-outs, Facebook and Instagram live posts, and tags back to our pages are the best way to get the word out, and viewers get to see how excited you are about the project. Texts to friends and phone calls also work well if you’re planning on involving those close to you. 

How do I become an Ambassador?

The Ambassador Program rewards vary depending on how many people come to shoot at an Epic Destination Shoot through your referrals. It’s all about earning additional income here, and you can use that additional income towards a photo shoot of your own, if you desire!


Once you’ve shared the shoot information with the clients you’re referring, (pricing, location, dates, etc.) and you have determined that the client is serious about booking, you can send them our way to get on a call and we can talk to them about their goals and ideas for the shoot. We have the opportunity to secure their shoot day from there. It is always helpful to have you, the referrer on the call as well, to make the introduction. 

Shoot Ambassador

You will be asked to sign an agreement that states that you won’t share any of the Epic Destination Shoot OR BodyScape Magazine business model, or any of our other “secret sauce” to any other photographers, industry people, models, designers, stylists, etc. We have worked hard to perfect our project and that is what makes Epic Destination Shoot so special!

Privacy is Key

Pricing structure and referral breakdown:

If you refer $5,000-10,000
in business, you’ll receive 5% of the gross revenue from your referrals, once the shoot is paid in full. 

If you refer $10,001- $20,000 in business, you’ll receive 7% of the gross revenue from your referrals, once the shoot is paid in full. 

If you refer $20,001-30,000

in business, you’ll receive 10% of the gross revenue from your referrals, once the shoot is paid in full. 

If you refer $30,001- $50,000 in business, you will receive you’ll receive 15% of the gross revenue from your referrals, once the shoot is paid in full. 

*Things to keep in mind- The referrals must all come to the SAME Epic Destination Shoot. For example: you can’t have one person in Sedona and two in Miami, all has to be on the same shoot.


Thank you for your consideration; I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do together as a TEAM!


If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to email: Have a blessed day! Warm regards, 


Sarah Lyons Glabman briefly describes the details on how you can become an ambassador for the Epic team. This program is designed for those who enjoy networking and bringing people together for one common goal while earning extra income.

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