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 Meet Sarah Lyons Glabman

Sarah Lyons Glabman provides a little insight on her background and journey. Her hard work and dedication with all aspects of her business are acknowledged by her work and clients. To understand Sarah Lyons Glabman, you must first get to know her. 


We are so excited to work with you on your Epic Destination Shoot! There is a lot of ground to cover, but we will keep it as simple as possible.


Scheduling. In order for your shoot to be on the schedule, or, actually happening, a deposit of 50% or more is required to hold your photoshoot day, time, location, styling, and glam squad. The deposit is usually paid after your first meeting on zoom, email, or phone call with Sarah Lyons Glabman, your photographer. The remaining balance is due 1-2 weeks prior to your shoot. Hair and makeup people, lighting assistants, and on occasion, stylists are on-set and they are all independently contracted through Epic Destination Shoot to work on your behalf. Most of these providers also require a deposit from Sarah, which IS INCLUDED in YOUR initial 50% deposit.


Payments accepted. Most transactions are done via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. If you are sending payment using your credit card, or cannot use the “Friends and Family” option, a 4% convenience fee will be added to your payment. Wire transfers are also an option, and the fee is to be covered by the person sending the payment. Cashier’s checks are also accepted. No personal checks accepted.


What is included. All photo shoots include hair and makeup for the duration of your shoot. Some location fees, if needed, are also covered by the photographer up to a specified amount, depending on which shoot you have selected. For example- If you choose to do a BodyScape Cover shoot, and the location fee to do your shoot is up to $1,000 USD, then the fee is covered by the photographer. OR, if you decide to do a smaller shoot like a Gold shoot for example, the photographer will cover up to $200 of a location fee, and the remainder is to be paid by the client. Any additional or excess fees are to be covered by the client Sarah is photographing, unless other specified arrangements are made by Sarah herself.


Refunds. The only time a refund is issued is if your photo shoot is cancelled by the photographer. No exceptions. If you cannot make your scheduled shoot, then you must let us know ahead of time, in writing, via email to You then have up to 90 days from your ORIGINAL shoot date to meet Sarah in Scottsdale, Arizona at her location or, if she is in a different location at the time, you may meet her there to complete your shoot.


What to expect after the shoot. Once your shoot is complete, Sarah will upload all usable images to a gallery and email them to you, usually within one week of your original shoot date. The gallery is what is considered to be proofs, and in most cases, unless otherwise specified, are used for image selection purposes only. Once you have selected your images for retouching, Sarah will get to work, and depending on which shoot you have selected, Sarah will share the final retouched images with you via email. If you are shooting for a MAJOR magazine such as FHM, Playboy, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Maxim, Men’s Health, or any other elite-level publication, the protocol is to not post any of the final retouched images UNTIL your edition of that magazine is released to the public.


Going BIG. Payment plans may also be available for your shoot, especially if you are investing in to a custom project, or a multi-day shoot. Everything is on a case-by case basis, and will be discussed with Sarah Lyons Glabman to determine eligibility.


Copyrights. Copyright of the images is usually held with Sarah the photographer, but Sarah is usually very fair with image posting online. If the client is in a position where client holding copyright is mandatory, then such a case can be discussed and negotiated with Sarah directly. **This is a general idea of our terms and conditions. Once your photo shoot is determined, scheduled, and a deposit is received, Sarah will structure an agreement between herself and you, the client, specific to your photo shoot and your needs.**

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