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Sarah Lyons Glabman is the founder of A professional photographer since 2008, Sarah has travelled the world doing some of the most exclusive photo shoots in the world, namely in the fitness-meets-fashion style of photography.


In 2016, she decided to officially call her travel shoots the Epic Destination Shoot. Sarah has done shoots all over Canada, Florida, California, Mexico, Malibu, Vegas, Lake Tahoe and more, but Sarah truly considers her home base of Scottsdale, Arizona the ULTIMATE Epic Destination for any kind of photo shoot!


In 2018, Sarah took a giant leap of Faith and began her own magazine called BodyScape Magazine, which is a gorgeous print publication showcasing people that live healthy and beautiful lives. BodyScape Magazine is also a story telling platform that is designed to focus on the cover model and the story she has to tell, be it her business, something major has happened in her life, or she just wants to celebrate herself on the pages of a beautiful print that Sarah photographs.


In 2021, Sarah decided to take yet ANOTHER leap of Faith and start her own fitness-specific magazine, called Epic Fit Magazine. Epic Fit is considered a ‘Special edition Powered by BodyScape publication, with limited release of just 2-3 issues per year.

Sarah just loves putting her own magazines together, but her work from the Epic Destination Shoots has also been published in many other mainstream magazines like Maxim, Oxygen, SuperModels Unlimited Magazine, Forbes, Vigour, and the list goes on. Shooting to get people published in magazines has always been Sarah’s forte and passion.

Not only is Sarah a powerhouse at getting people on the pages of beautiful glossy magazines, but she is also a specialist at getting YOUR image up on billboards in Times Square, New York! Yes, you heard that right. Massive 100-foot billboards in Times Square! Sarah has very limited access to these billboards each year, but she really lays it out for her clients that either have a brand or business that they would like to amplify, OR, if someone just wants to have their image up there for fun! Sarah herself has invested in a few big billboards FOR Epic Destination Shoot, and it has really broadened the audience that she wants to reach. Miami and the south Florida area a re a HOT SPOT for Sarah recently, and for good reason.
The Miami area is where Sarah has found her ULTIMATE glam squad, with celebrity hair and makeup artist Lisa Opie, and also celebrity stylist to the stars Joey Rolon. Lisa perfects the glam on the models, and Joey dresses the models to perfection using very unique and mainstream looks, all with the intention of, you guessed it...getting those images published in the magazines! Reach out to Sarah directly if you have questions, or would like to set up a shoot of any kind in
Scottsdale, or on an upcoming Epic Destination Shoot!

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