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Epic Dallas was a great combo of locations.  Working in a big metropolitan city like Dallas is very inspiring to me as an artist.  I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot at the Gold's gym in Midtown Dallas for Susan Hoff's Epic gym shoot- seriously- this gym is Epic!  Kimberly Castle was photographed at an awesome boutique-feeling studio called Studio Bella's.  This studio had more than enough backdrops and props for what Kimberly's shoot called for.  In fact, we photographed her for the Issue 9 cover of BodyScape Magazine in that location- one of my favorite covers to date!  Michelle LaCost and Melissa Landcaster were photographed at the loft I rented to stay in.  Dallas will be seeing me again May 2022!


On this shoot I used 3 Alien Bee 1600 strobe lights with a variety of different modifiers and grids, with a snoot.

Canon 5D Mark 3 camera

Canon 24-70 MM prime lens

Canon 70-200 MM prime lens

Epic Destination Shoot
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