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 San Antonio has so many beautiful green and rolling hills, gorgeous scenery, beautiful horses, and so much more.  I wanted to create a kind of country-resort vibe with the shoots we did here, and I think we succeeded. 


This was the first shoot I had ever photographed horses, so I learned that horses are a LOT more challenging to photograph than people are!  I love photographing horses whenever I get a chance now that I have figured out my own 'style' of equine photography. 


We had an amazing home to utilize for a good portion of the shoots that took place in San Antonio, and it served the shoot perfectly!  There's also a very private canyon location just outside of San Antonio that we were able to use for a portion of the shoot, and a ton of content for issue 11 of BodyScape Magazine was photographed there.


On this shoot I used mainly a 2x3 and 4x6 California sunbounce

Canon 5D Mark 3 camera

Sigma 85 MM fixed prime lens

Canon 24-70 MM prime lens

Canon 70-200 MM prime lens

photo of woman in long white summer dress
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