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Epic Sedona was a very peaceful and well thought out shoot, with our client Selina Hinojosa (and her loving husband Reggie) who joined us from Corpus Christi, Texas. 


Although Selina was our only client for Epic Sedona, the shoot worked out exactly as it was supposed to.  Sedona is known for its incredible red mountain surroundings, providing a very natural and organic feel to the shots I was capturing.  Then we went down to Oak Creek for the final portion of Selina's shoot...which was my favorite!  This creek is so calm, but it provided the ultimate backdrop for Selina's final images.  Look for Selina on the inaugural cover of Epic Fit Magazine, releasing January 2022!  



On this shoot I used 3 Alien Bee Digi Bee portable strobes with a variety of reflectors and grids

Canon R5 Camera

Canon 24-70 MM prime lens

Canon 70-200 MM prime lens

Sigma 85 MM fixed prime lens

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