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Epic Tulum was my favorite out-of-the-country shoot I've ever done.  I had researched Tulum and it's quiet, more organic beaches for some time before I decided to schedule shoots there. 


We had an amazing location- this huge pink mansion right in the sand on the beach, with some really cool interiors.  Then, we went out to the 'cenotes' which are amazing caves all over the Mayan Riviera, where you can go explore underground.  The caves we went to were in a rainforest, so naturally we had to get some shots there too.  No matter where you go, weather is always a factor.  It did begin raining a little in the rainforest, but it wound up complimenting our shoot and the overall vibe of what I was aiming for with the photos.  


On this shoot I used a 2x3 and also a 4x6 California Sunbounce

Canon 5D Mark 3 camera

Canon 24-70 MM prime lens

Canon 70-200 MM prime lens

2-3 Paul C Buff Alien Bees 1600 portable strobes and battery packs for the morning beach shots

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