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Epic Las Vegas- what a trip!  Some of the shots were done at the Nelson Ghost Town, just outside of Las Vegas, which is one of my absolute favorite outdoor locations to use for a shoot. I've shot there at least 2 dozen times!   If I have a client in Scottsdale that wants to shoot at the Nelson Ghost town, I will drive them there to's that good. 


The other location that I had for this shoot was a very creepy home that I rented. It was marketed well, as a 'Game of Thrones' themed house with some really cool and unique furniture, murals on the wall, etc.  Yet, when Monica and I actually arrived at the house, we were a little creeped out.  You can tell, just by the energy in the house that some weird stuff has occurred there, but GOD placed his protective hands over us, (And Camy the doxie) and all went beyond well for the shoots themselves! 


Kimberly castle came to Vegas for this shoot, and this was one of the top 2 photo shoots Kim and I have ever done together...and we've done several!  Monica Brant also photographed the Issue 6 of BodyScape Magazine cover at this location, and we had Shayla Perez on hand for all of the hair and makeup.  


On this shoot I used 3 Alien Bee 1600 portable strobe lights with a beauty dish and grid, 11" long throw reflector and a 7" standard reflector.

Canon 5D Mark 3 camera

Canon 24-70 MM prime lens

Canon 70-200 MM prime lens

A variety of Paul C Buff softboxes and grids



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